Local Warlord Preparedness Kit Tier 2 Chase SOCC Bundle

Original price was: $661.84.Current price is: $518.82.

The lead time for this bundle is 5-10 business days.

We specifically designed these kits based off customer feedback, as well as what our staff says most people are building in their “go-to kit” essentials. We wanted to offer a combination of both quality, and affordability. Whether you are prepping for the boogaloo, civil unrest, or simply to go to a carbine class, all of these bundles will hold up to abuse and do what you need them to.

Each bundle contains:

  • Plate carrier
  • 2 Shellback Tactical Level IV plates
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Many customers have asked us “What gear do I need for a plate carrier set-up”? Well we decided to make it easy for you and bundle everything you need in one stop. We set these bundles up as a 3-Tier system, based off “good, better, best” options.

Tier 3:

The affordable option. Still excellent quality gear, Shellback armor with a budget friendly carrier.

Tier 2:

Mid level plate carrier option, Shellback armor

Tier 1:

Shellback Banshee Elite 2.0 plate carrier, Shellback armor

SOCC Plate Carrier

Lightweight, low profile, high quality, and still has great load carrying capacity. Ideal for active shooter applications, Law Enforcement, Military.Designed for protection, utility, mobility in a compact lightweight design. Its look of a clean design is sure to do the job. Ideal gear for Law Enforcement patrol officers for use in High Threat active shooter situations, Multi-Assault Counter Terrorism Action Capabilities (MACTAC) and Counter Terrorism direct actions.

Removable Spacer Mesh shoulder pads with 3 strips allow you to run comms or hydration effortlessly over the shoulders. The PATRIOT will also accept the Banshee soft armor package for the front and back as well as the Cummerbund.Value and features at a great economical price. Ideal to outfit agencies officers with active shooter kits. USA Made-Full Berry Compliant Plate Carrier with Lifetime Warranty

Shellback Tactical Prevail Series 10 x 12 NIJ 0101.06 Certified Level IV Hard Armor Plate Model 4S17

The Shellback Tactical 4S17 Level IV Hard Armor plate is both NIJ Certified and DEA Compliant which provides level IV protection against 7.62 x 63 mm M2AP rifle rounds.  This plate is prefect to add to your tactical kit and provides protection against armor piercing rifle rounds. Be ready for the fight and order your Shellback Tactical 4S17 Level IV Hard Armor plate today!


  • NIJ threat level IV
  • NIJ 0101.06 Certified
  • DEA Compliant
  • Listed on NIJ compliant products list
  • Weight 7.2lbs
  • Stand alone protection
  • Single Curve
  • Single Plate
  • 10″ x 12″ Shooters Cut plate is considered nominal with actual measurement 9.5″ x 11.5″
  • Thickness – .95″
  • Multi-hit rated
  • M2AP – 3 Rounds
  • M80 Ball, Steel – 3 Rounds
  • M43 MSC PS – 3 Rounds
  • M855 Ball – 3 Rounds
  • 223 REM – 3 Rounds
  • 1000 denier Cordura nylon exterior cover
  • Constructed of ceramic face with composite backing
  • 10 year ballistic warranty
  • USA Made – Berry

Additional information

SOCC Color

Black, Coyote Brown, MultiCam, Ranger Green