Sig GlockinColt ~  A.K.A TJ Kirgin

I am a former police officer from the North St. Louis County area. For those who do not know where North St. Louis County, Missouri is, it is really close to a town called Ferguson. I was a drug and gang officer. I went to go work for my father’s advertising and marketing company in 1997, when I went to work for my father’s advertising and marketing company, became a media buyer and later evolved that into a full service advertising agency. That ad agency helped me start a couple other companies including a software business called Anchor Mobile Marketing, where we license software to other advertising and marketing companies in the mobile marketing space. I also started a web design and web marketing company called Anchor Digital Services before purchasing the agency, Anchor Communications, Inc., from my father in 2005. I became an advertising and marketing guru. I became very effective with both broadcast media and internet inbound marketing. Inbound marketing is key to the story because we started doing that as a service. Anchor Communications, my advertising/marketing company starting doing that as a service. In 2010, after some folks from MIT in Boston wrote the book “Inbound Marketing” and started a company called HubSpot. Inbound marketing was something we were doing already; it just did not have a term. There was not a buzzword for it. We started drinking the HubSpot Kool-Aid and inbound marketing is all about creating content that is helpful, informative, or engaging that drags people away from social media or search engines to the website that you want to get them to.

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