Who Is Sig Glockincolt?

Sig Glockincolt, aka TJ Kirgin is a former police officer turned entrepreneur, actor, advocate and radio talk show host.

Sig is a firearms industry thought leader and an outspoken defender of the 2nd Amendment as well as your rights to self protection.

He has trained under some of the nations best self defense, tactical and shooting instructors and although he is always a student first, he loves helping others become more proficient in protecting themselves, their families and their rights.

TJ has been featured in INC Magazine as an INC500 CEO. He was honored by the St. Louis Business Journal as one of the top CEOs in St. Louis with one of the fastest growing companies. He has had hilarious roles in the movie Range 15 as well as many appearances in Vet TV shows like A Grunt’s Life II and Checkpoint Charlie

On his popular podcast and radio show, SHOTS FIRED with Dyna Death Milberg and Krystal Powers, they and their guests discuss and laugh their way through current events in the gun industry, crime, self defense and the fight against gun control.

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