30 Round Winchester M193 55gr 5.56 in a Reusable Speed Loader – 30 Rounds

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Loading AR magazines takes time. Sometimes we need that time to relax and get our minds right, and sometimes we just need to get shooting.

The Right Tool Company has developed a nifty little gadget for the latter. With very little effort, their Pack & Load Range Ammo puts 30 rounds into the full-sized AR magazine of your choice in seconds.

Essentially, the Pack & Load Range Ammo is a play on the age old clip. It’s an ammunition stack surrounded by a plastic form that holds the ammo in place. The stack goes on top of the magazine and the ammo is pushed down and in. It’s simple and effective.

  • Range Ammunition is Non-TUI/Non-Solid Copper
  • Ammo PACKAGING that LOADS straight to the MAGAZINE! You do not have to touch the ammo
  • Comes Packaged in the new 30 round Reusable speed loaders.
  • Speed loaders can be reused 50 to 100 times in most cases if used properly

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