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During the Obama/Joe administration in 2013, I became very engaged on Facebook defending the 2nd Amendment and particularly American’s right to own AR15s.

My knowledge and passion for the platform stemmed from my time in law enforcement when I was one of the first police officers in Missouri to carry a patrol rifle in my car resulting from after action reports related to the North Hollywood shootout  February 28, 1997.
That social media page started to grow into a community of millions of American Patriots, Law Enforcement and Combat Veterans leading to our logo becoming iconic. 
Since then we have grown at an unthinkable rate becoming one of the premier sources for bulk ammunition in America as well as a leader in Tactical Gear, Gun Parts and now finally with the addition of our FFL, Guns as well.
We currently have 3 brick and mortar locations; one in St. Louis, MO, one in Orlando Florida and one in Clearwater, Florida serving the Tampa Bay area.
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