F.A.S.T. System


Fucking Affordable Steel Target System

Tactical Shit has teamed up with Custom Metal Products to produce a portable steel target that every shooter wants. Easily sets up in seconds, and packs down just as fast. Fit it in the back of the car, or in the extended cab of your truck.

Add on the tactical torso hostage kit for only 99.99! Practice accuracy by volume!

Firearms Policy Coalition


The 2/3 IDPA Torso is a smaller version of the full size IDPA torso. The target is made from 3/8 thick AR500 hardened steel for extreme long life and excellent impact resistance.

The included stand can be used with a 2×4 for the steel target, or a pair of 1×2’s for a paper target.

The legs of the stand are adjustable for uneven ground.

Once the steel target is mounted to the upper cup with a Grade 8 hardened carriage bolt and locknut, no tools are necessary to assemble or disassemble the stand for transport. Simply remove or replace the 2×4 for easy setup or takedown.

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