Sterling 123gr 7.62×39 FMJ Steel Case 1000rds Ship Free


Ships in 5-10 business days

-Steel cased

-123gr FMJ lead core

-1000rd Case

-Goes bang

-Hard to find

This 7.62×39 ammunition is technically un-American, though. It’s made by Sterling, a subsidiary of Turaç in Turkey. Sterling took the tried-and-true Russian-style approach to reducing this ammo’s price tag by loading it with steel cases. In addition to their lower cost than brass, steel cases are easy to pick up off the ground with a magnet and tough enough to stand up to AKs with rough extractors. On the downside, steel cases aren’t reloadable.


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  • You are responsible for knowing your Local, State, and Federal Laws.
  • We will not ship ammo outside the USA, or to Alaska, District of Columbia, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands.
  • We cannot accept returns on ammunition. Refunds in Store Credit Only.
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This high-quality ammunition in 7.62 x 39 caliber has a non-corrosive berdan primer and a lacquer coated steel case to ensure smooth feeding and extraction of the cartridge. It also features a 123-grain lead core full metal jacket bullet. The powder and primer are both non-corrosive meaning that these rounds are exceptionally clean shooting and leave very little residue. This reliable ammunition is perfect for recreational and competitive shooting alike.

Non-corrosive steel cased 7.62×39, loaded with a sexy, high speed 123gr FJM lead-core projectile. Comes in cases of 500rd or 1000rd Case