Sharktooth Line Control Management System


Introducing a new line management system that will keep your spools tight and your tackle box free of messy spools. How often does your line get tangled or the sides get broken, never to have those plastic sides fit right again? No more.

  • Fast and easy to use
  • Stainless steel razor cutter: rust-proof, saltwater-proof
  • Cuts Mono and Fluorocarbon up to 50 LBS.
  • Unclutter the tacklebox
  • High-memory elastic
  • Field tested by professional anglers
  • Reusable
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Available in 3 sizes:

  • SOF “Stoked On Fishing” Blue Band- Designed for saltwater & fits 300-3000yd spools.
  • Orange Band- 1/4lb spools (most loading, spinning, or bait casting reels)
  • Red Band- Designed for fly fishers, fits RIO, ORVIS, SA, MAXIMA, UMPQUA

Sharktooth Line Control Management System is an ingenious tool that keeps the tag end of a spool controlled when not in use and easy to access and cut when its time to re-spool. Made from an elastic material that keeps tension on the spool as you are retrieving the line, it keeps your spools organized and eliminates line from unraveling itself. A stainless steel grommet perfectly feeds the line out, and it also features the signature Sharktooth cutting blade that allows you to quickly cut any type of line to the exact length you need without having to fumble around with scissors. Available in multiple sizes to fit a variety of spools, the Maxima Sharktooth Line Control Management System takes all the hassles out of dealing with frustrating spools of line.

2 per pack