NVN Gen 3 Elbit Thin Filmed White Phosphor Binocular Ruggedized Night Vision Goggle (RNVG)

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Developed to be a more durable and lightweight fixed bridge Night Vision Goggle, the Ruggedized Night Vision Goggle – 15 (RNVG-15) comes in an incredible 555 Grams while still being machined out of 7075 aluminum at the primary failure points in other fixed bridge night vision goggles. The RNVG maintains the familiarity of the AN/PVS-14 controls, with the same type of power switch, and the same optics, which allows the device to be turned on, off, and allowing the use of a single output IR Illumination as well as the same method of focus the RNVG as the standard AN/PVS-14. Also, the RNVG-15 keeps a similar standoff between the dovetail interface and the bridge in order to allow optimal ocular alignment with a variety of helmet, mount and individual facial features. The unit is powered via one (1) CR123 battery or an auxiliary power pack. The RNVG is one of the lightest goggles on the market, and is the pinnacle of durability in a night vision device.

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  • MANUFACTURER: AB NightVision Inc
  • DIMENSIONS: 4.7″(L) x 4.2″(W) x 2.8″(H)
  • WEIGHT: 20.1 oz. w/ Battery
  • FINISH: Anodized Matte Black (Coyote or FDE Cerekote)
  • POWER: One (1) CR123 Battery, Optional External Battery Pack
  • BATTERY LIFE (CR123): Approx. 30 Hours at Room Temp. w/ Standard CR123
  • WATERPROOF: 66′ Submersible


  • GENERATION: U.S. Gen3 MIL-SPEC Green Thin-Filmed or Unfilmed White Phosphor
  • INTENSIFIER TUBES: Elbit or L3Harris MX10160 (x2)
  • RESOLUTION: 64 lp/mm (Typical)
  • FILM: Thin Film
  • GATE: Auto
  • GAIN: Automatic Brightness Control
  • FOV: 40º
  • OCULAR LENS: +2 to -6
  • FOCUS: 9.8″ to Infinity
  • INCLUDED: Tube/System Factory Data Sheets, Soft Carry Case, Daylight Filter Covers (x2)