Liberal Tears Gun Oil and Liberal Penetrator Bundle


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Liberal Tears Gun Oil – BACON SCENTED


  • An extremely advanced, proprietary blended, gun lubricant that will deliver unsurpassed performance in the harshest environments.
  • Extreme lubricity was our primary goal, and we reached it! We formulated Liberal Tears to outperform the current “full auto” lubricants, so we’re confident it will outperform anything you’re currently using.
  • Liberal Tears delivers unsurpassed performance in the harshest environments.
  • Made in America.


Liberal Tears Gun Oil traps the carbon and debris, caused by firing your weapon, within the lubricant so it’s easily cleaned off. The strong lubricant layer, created on the surface of your weapon, will protect it against fouling and make cleaning your weapon a breeze.


Liberal Penetrator is an advanced formula of distilled petroleum distillates. Superior to all other solvents, this formula is designed to penetrate the hardened contaminants attached to your weapon. Can be used in many ways, including covering the object to be treated with a cloth then pouring Liberal Penetrator over the rag, or in your sonic cleaner.


  • Makes Liberals cry with every shot
  • Non-toxic for the tree huggers
  • Always remember to support gun control by using both hands!
  • Made in America.

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