Coffee Cannon – K-Cup Pod Dispenser


Coffee Cannon’s Pod Pistol is designed for the discerning coffee drinking gun lover. Magazine feed, bolt action, trigger activated, K-Cup Coffee Pod dispenser.

The Pod Pistol has been created from the inspired minds of an Ex Special Forces Doctor and a current serving Law Enforcement Officer from Australia. Dan Pronk and Dustin’s paths aligned several years ago as they worked to strengthen tactical medical capabilities in their respective fields. Dan and Dustin quickly aligned and their shared passion for coffee, firearms and a constant need to create paved way to launching this caffeine loaded, bolt action goodness.

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As most firearm enthusiasts would agree, the process is part of the thrill and we believe your morning fix should be just as exciting. With the muzzle pointed down range, cycle the bolt, take aim and squeeze the trigger. Your K-Cup pod is now ejected into the underslung grenade launcher. Slide the ejection port open to remove the K-Cup Pod. Now you can unleash 123 grams of your favorite roast and destroy the enemy of early mornings or whatever else stands in your way.

We’ve designed the Pod Pistol to be more than just a pod storage device. The Pod Pistol has been created to be a functional, aesthetically pleasing centerpiece and a real conversation start. We understand the complexity of Military and Police service as well as life generally so a primary intention of the design is to bring people together, start conversations and look after each other.

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Weight 8 oz